What White People Can Do Next


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A small but mighty book – the distilled essence of everything that is needed to really move forward in dismantling the race construct, for everyone’s benefit. Emma Dabiri has no truck with easy answers, over-simplifications and divisive tactics – showing instead that the real way forward is deep enquiry into the issues, understanding mutual interests and the interconnectedness of things, and doing the work of building collaboration. Dabiri deals in complexities, but the book is not complex – in fact, she has the gift of making the complex make sense.


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An absolute blockbuster of clear thinking and new angles…the most clear, alliance building, shame removing look at race. Emma is once-in-a generation clever. (Caitlin Moran)

We need to talk about racial injustice in a different way: one that builds on the revolutionary ideas of the past and forges new connections. In this incisive, radical and practical essay, Emma Dabiri – acclaimed author of Don’t Touch My Hair – draws on years of research and personal experience to challenge us to create meaningful, lasting change.

Impactful… Emma expertly outlines how the idea of race was constructed to bolster capitalism and explains how, in a divided world, unity and coalition are needed to create a future that works for everyone (Cosmopolitan)

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ISBN 9780141996738

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