Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race


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for anyone who feels either discomfort or empathy upon reading the title, and especially for anyone feeling lost, confused or defensive in discussions about race and racism.

A quick summary

A fast-paced, contemporary mix of history, social commentary and memoir about race and racism in Britain. Reni Eddo-Lodge covers a lot of ground and clears up a lot of misconceptions in short order. She also asks probing questions, and offers a vision of liberation that would benefit everyone.

Content note: includes discussion of cases of racially-motivated violence and killings, and of chattel slavery.


Our full review

This book grew from a blog post with the same title that sparked a huge reaction. The reaction prompted Reni Eddo-Lodge to continue talking. Good thing she did. But, she kept the pointed title, as it captures the frustration and exhaustion that also needs to be heard.

Lots of people are now hearing and using words like ‘white privilege’ ‘structural racism’ and ‘intersectionality’. However, these words are much misunderstood. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race clears up common misconceptions and gives the reader a better foundation to work from.

Eddo-Lodge gives a pacy overview of Black British history and the consequences of colonialism. She then takes a look at present-day Britain – from the overt racism of the far right, to its covert presence presence in institutions and movements for social change. The book discusses the overlap of race with class, and the role of feminism. Eddo-Lodge also offers a vision of how things could be.

She doesn’t claim to be the last word on the topic, simply to be part of the conversation:

I write – and read – to assure myself that other people have felt what I’m feeling too, that it isn’t just me, that this is real, and valid, and true.

Although the title is deliberately challenging, and the book is a fiery challenge to complacency, she is clear:

I am only acutely aware of race because I’ve been rigorously marked out as different by the world I know for as long as I can remember.

Eddo-Lodge is looking for positive change and the future she envisages is better for everyone.

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