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if you are looking for a relationship, or you are in a relationship that you want to nurture but you’re finding issues.

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Everyone develops an unconscious and very deeply-held theory of how relationships work and what love looks like, based on their early childhood experiences. Although each person has their own story, there are patterns, and in particular, there are the ‘attachment styles’ that this book explains. Attachment styles tend to show up in all relationships, but most strongly in romantic relationships. Acting in avoidant or anxious styles will tend to blow up partnerships, perhaps before they’ve even begun – until you realise what is going on. By understanding your own attachment style and recognising it in others, you can cultivate healthy, close relationships.

Note: the information in this book is really good, our only quibble with it is it’s addressed entirely to straight (heterosexual) couples – if you’re LGBTQ+ you may prefer another option.


Publisher’s description:

An insightful look at the science behind love, Attached offers readers a road map for building stronger, more fulfilling connections. Is there a science to love? In this groundbreaking book, psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amir Levine and psychologist Rachel S. F. Heller reveal how an understanding of attachment theory – the most advanced relationship science in existence today – can help us find and sustain love. Pioneered by psychologist John Bowlby in the 1950s, the field of attachment explains that each of us behaves in relationships in one of three distinct ways:

  • Anxious people are often preoccupied with their relationships and tend to worry about their partner’s ability to love them back.
  • Avoidant people equate intimacy with a loss of independence and constantly try to minimise closeness.
  • Secure people feel comfortable with intimacy and are usually warm and loving.

With fascinating psychological insight, quizzes and case studies, Dr Amir Levine and Rachel Heller help you understand the three attachment styles, identify your own and recognize the styles of others so that you can find compatible partners or improve your existing relationship.

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