Big Big Love


Recommended for anyone of larger size looking for advice or a confidence boost when it comes to life, sex and relationships; anyone interested in society’s perception of fat bodies; anyone who wants to be a fat-ally.

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We say:

Using personal stories, statistics, and interviews, Big Big Love addresses myths associated with fatness and explores experiences of sex and relationships as a fat person.

Hanne Blank uses the word ‘fat’ throughout the book – and as she says in the opening chapter, this might seem jarring for the reader who has grown up in a fatphobic world. But here fat is just fat. A word. And this matter-of-fact, down-to-earth, practical tone flows throughout the book.

The book covers:

  • physical and emotional wellbeing, and what you have a right to expect in a relationship
  • different players on the dating scene (including fat admirers & fat bodies in the LGBTQIA+ world)
  • how to get the most of your relationships, or life in general (such as how to find body positivity or how to cope with fat-harassment)
  • a section for those who are attracted to larger people and how to be so without reducing fat people to sex objects
  • a straight-talking guide to your rights when it comes to reproductive health, which also gives some insight into the health discrimination that fat people face every day.

It’s frank, at times graphic, and hugely informative.

This book is great for people of size who are looking for guidance or a confidence boost when it comes to sex and relationships. It’s also great for those who want to be body positive fat-allies and have a better understanding of what life can be like for larger-bodied people.

It is brimming with positivity and confidence. The message that it shouts loudest of all is that fatness is just fatness and no matter what our fatphobic society is telling us, we all deserve, and can have, loving, meaningful, sexy relationships, however we want them.

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