Breaking Upwards


Recommended if you are sruggling with the emotions of divorce – anger, loss, grief, depression, anxiety; struggling to move on from divorce; seeking guidance on problems arising from divorce e.g. communicating with children, separation as an older person etc.


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People often come to counselling to discuss divorce – one they are going through or continue to be affected by, or perhaps were affected by as a child. The separation, loss and strength of feeling involved can be enormous and we believe it is important to get the right support and guidance to help you through it.

This book is a good place to start. It’s a short read, broken down into bitesize chapters that cover the emotional and practical challenges of going through a divorce such as managing your anger, your feelings about your ex’s new partner, or figuring out how to break the news to your loved ones. It is written very directly and refers to ‘you’ throughout which can feel didactic at times, but ultimately creates the impression that Friedman is talking directly to you. It is complemented by personal stories taken from therapy groups she has facilitated and practical exercises to help refocus your identity, reclaim who you are and find your way forward again.

“Most people hate being angry – it is exhausting and seemingly futile. You can’t go and put a brick through a window or run someone down, so you are left with a sense of helplessness. I would say that just because you can’t act on your anger doesn’t mean that it is pointless. It is a totally legitimate and natural response to trauma and to being treated badly, and an important weapon in the arsenal of weapons needed to get you through your divorce”.

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