How Can I Ever Trust You Again?


Recommended if you are distressed by infidelity in your relationship; struggling to move past infidelity that occurred in the past.


We understand that infidelity in a relationship can be a hugely distressing and life-changing experience, and it’s something that many people come to counselling about, both as couples and individuals. It is a turbulent time, but this book can offer an excellent starting point for beginning to process what you are going through.

It offers clarity and guidance through the experience of discovering an affair, your immediate reaction to it, and then what to do about it. It is aimed mostly at those who discover an affair but includes, at the end of each chapter, a section for the Discovered – the person who has committed the infidelity. It addresses what might be going on for them too and what their next steps might be. It also includes a ‘new skills’ section and exercises at the end of each chapter for the reader to use in their own time, ideally with their partner, with a view to working out what has happened in the relationship and if it can be repaired, and if so, how.

The book is detailed and considers all aspects of how an affair might be discovered, in different kinds of relationships, what type of affair it may be and how to recover from the betrayal. It is ultimately a hopeful book that focuses on the positives that can be uncovered after a relationship breakdown, while still acknowledging the pain of betrayal, and it is complemented by practical advice and personal stories gathered from years working as a marital therapist. The personal stories, in particular, add a colour and warmth to the book that let the reader to know that infidelity has happened before – others have felt the same pain and come out the other side. This book is highly recommended if you are experiencing infidelity in a relationship, or are struggling to move beyond a past infidelity, and are looking for guidance on how to move forward.

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