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if you are experiencing insomnia and you want a companion for the wakeful hours.

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(by Kate MacDougall)

Insomnia is a philosophical, lyrical enquiry into insomnia – born of being up in the wee small hours. It would be good company if you are a fellow insomniac sick of advice and just needing to share the experience. Marina Benjamin goes through art, literature and her life experience of insomnia, in snippets that come and go. The writing echoes the way the mind works when under slept. You can read it in pieces as well as cover to cover.

Insomnia it not a book of sleep tips, though she covers her experiences of medication, herbal supplements, a sleep clinic and CBT with wry weariness. Instead, it’s a contemplation of the night, sleep and sleeplessness. Benjamin rejects the prosaic and the practical, in favour of something more profound.

A sublime view of the treasures and torments to be found in wakefulness (Deborah Levy)

Clever, wise and witty – and ever so slightly cosmic too. This is for us who know what it is to be forlorn at 3am (Shahidha Bari)

Every insomniac knows how sleeplessness warps and deforms reality. Marina Benjamin anatomises its endless nights and red-eyed mornings, finding a sublime language for this strange state of lack (Olivia Laing)

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