Yoga for Better Sleep : The Art and Science of Sleeping Well


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if you would like to improve the quality of your sleep and have some experience with yoga.

A quick summary

Yoga for Better Sleep sets out sequences of yoga Asanas, breath practices and meditations to help prepare the body for sleep. It also sets these in the context of yoga teachings about sleep, along with the latest neuroscience and a thoughtful overview of the historical, cultural and medical attitudes to sleep that affect us today. The Asana sequences are suitable for beginners, but if you are new to yoga, it would be helpful to have a teacher go through them with you, and even more importantly, to check you are doing the breath practices correctly. If you have some experience, you will be able to go ahead and try out the sequences that address your particular needs.


Our full review

Part one of Yoga for Better Sleep takes a good look at what we think, believe and know about sleep. This includes reflections on history, modern culture, art, myths, stories, science and medicine. Mark Stephens considers what’s going on when we talk about sleep disorders – what are these and how do they impact us? He also takes a look at approaches to treating sleep disorders. This includes medications, practising best sleeping habits, and things we might do that are not medically advised (eg. drinking alcohol). The ‘yoga’ part is woven in throughout this section. Stephens explains sleep according to yoga and how yoga practice can help us to sleep better.

Part two is the ‘how to’ guide. Each chapter focuses on yoga practice for a specific issue, so you can choose the practice that is right for you. Stephens sets out appropriate sequences and explains the Asanas in detail, with photographs to help. Each sequence is short so it is realistic to include it in an everyday bedtime routine.

This is a practical, straight-forward and informative guide for anyone wishing to explore a holistic, body-focused approach to improving their sleep.

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