A More Exciting Life : A Guide to Greater Freedom, Spontaneity and Enjoyment


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if you are feeling fed-up, a bit stuck or disenchanted with where you are or what you are doing.

A quick summary

A More Exciting Life looks at how to set yourself free, not in a hedonistic or individualistic way – in a way that is connected and compatible with whatever roles you have as a friend, partner, parent or member of your community.

As in all their books, The School of Life provides a combination of useful information about psychology, an arm round the shoulder, and a pep talk – all with high hopes for human flourishing.


Publisher’s description:

One of the things we all deeply crave, and all richly deserve, is a more exciting life. We know well enough that many things have to be routine, hard and a little bit boring. But we also rightly sense that, if only we can find a way, our lives could be rendered intermittently more joyful, intense, thrilling and beautiful.

This is a guide to the more exciting life we know could be ours. It isn’t about the outward things we might do: travel, parachute out of airplanes or learn a foreign language. This is a book of psychology and about how we can nurture a sense of inner liberation, accept our desires and aspirations and then have the courage to set ourselves free.

Perhaps for too long we have resigned ourselves to things that aren’t fair or necessary, we have felt too constricted (and perhaps unloved) to communicate well with others and the proper expansion of our characters has been sacrificed for the sake of compliance. Now is a chance to recover some of our spirit, and to become open to the full intensity, beauty and mystery of life and to the richness of our own possibilities. Here is a guide to that more exciting life we know should – and can – be ours.

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Format Hardback
Weight 400 g
Dimensions 186 × 134 × 23 mm
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ISBN 9781912891252

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