I Used to Be a Miserable F*ck


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for men who are feeling miserable, disappointed or stuck – especially straight cis men.

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John Kim was the miserable f*ck of the title – divorced, disappointed, and having no idea what he really wanted, he reached a crunch point and had to re-assess everything. Having slain his own dragons, and, as a therapist and life coach (The Angry Therapist) helped many others to do the same, he has distilled his learning into 66 dos and don’ts. I Used to Be a Miserable F*ck is wide-ranging but always to the point, relatable, funny and sweary (obviously) – a bracing run down of how to come fully alive as a man.


Publisher’s description

Men are not born men – and becoming a man means a hell of a lot more than getting a six pack and an office with a view. Sometimes we all need to rethink exactly who we are and what we want to be.

Deep in post-divorce soul searching, therapist John Kim did just that. He came to an astonishing realisation: he was a miserable f*ck who might just be responsible for the problems in his life. And thus began his reinvention – a period of self-reflection and self-scrutiny.

He started to unpack his emotions, his drives, his successes and his failures to help him stop acting like a boy and start living like a man. And this book tells you exactly what he learned. With his signature no-nonsense approach that will make you laugh and make you think, Kim takes you on a rough-and-tumble ride of exploration and discovery. This book is self-help in a shot glass – covering all the essential topics, from vulnerability and posturing to health and relationships. It will help women understand men, and men understand themselves.

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Format Paperback
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Dimensions 216 × 136 × 11 mm
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ISBN 9781780723969

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