Michael Rosen’s Book of Play: Why Play Really Matters, and 101 Ways to Get More of it in Your Life


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if you are feel you are missing your playful side, if you are struggling with procrastination and low motivation, or you are seeking reassurance that it’s ok to be silly and lighthearted.

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Play is a serious matter – vital for learning, motivation, resilience and connection throughout life. This could be a pretty sobering book about the state of play in our society, but of course, in Michael Rosen’s hands, it’s a funny, playful remedy instead. If you are feeling bogged down in the business of adulting, struggling to get excited about anything, or feeling disconnected from friends or family – try bringing more play into your life.


Michael Rosen’s Book of Play! is a joyful wander through the history of play and toys from early humans 35,000 years ago, to the present day. It offers real insights into the therapeutic and educational purpose of play, as well as the playful use of language, and is also packed with activities that spark the imagination and bring out your inner kid.

“It [play] can also teach us that we can change the rules. We may not even recognise that rules are things that other humans, just like ourselves, make up. We may not know that tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that, contain within them moments that are full of possibilities. Tomorrow is not a fixed, permanent staging post. Nor is Tuesday. Nor is next Friday. Nothing is fixed, and everything is full of potential”.

Play is the real basis of the flow state. In play, there is real motivation and commitment, without force. In play mode, learning sticks, and mastery follows naturally. This book joyfully dismantles the idea that growing up means giving up playfulness and proves there is another way.

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