The Alcohol Experiment Journal: 30 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge


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if you feel alcohol dominates your social life or down time, if you would like to try cutting down, or if you are afraid you might have a problem with drinking.

A quick summary

A supportive journal to guide you through a 30 day personal alcohol experiment. By keeping the journal, you can become more aware of the thoughts and feelings you have about drinking, and face any worries you have about it. The idea is to put drinking alcohol back in your conscious control – so it’s not habit, social pressure, distress or the drink itself that determines whether you have a drink.


Publisher’s description

From the bestselling author of This Naked Mind, this journal will give you the tools you need to take your relationship with alcohol into your own hands. Using thought-provoking prompts, checklists, and activities, Annie Grace will help you to examine what’s really happening when you drink, what it is you get out of it, and whether you really need it at all. Eye-opening and empowering, this journal will transform your attitude to alcohol, for good.

Additional information

Format Paperback
Weight 660 g
Dimensions 235 × 154 × 31 mm
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ISBN 9780008375805


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