The Art of Rest: How to Find Respite in the Modern Age


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(by Kate MacDougall)

The Art of Rest is based on a huge survey with over 18,000 respondents from 135 countries. Claudia Hammond was part of the multidisciplinary team that created the Rest Test as part of a wider project on rest. Hammond launched the survey through her BBC radio shows, and it spread across the globe. In The Art of Rest, she discusses the top 10 most restful activities from the survey, and the wider picture of rest (or lack of it) in the modern age.

The Art of Rest is not talking about sleep. It discusses waking activities that people find restful, including watching TV, being in nature, and reading (#1!). Hammond also discusses the conflicted feelings people have about rest when the overculture values productivity and busyness.

Hammond makes the case for the value of rest. It’s a useful antidote to grind culture, and I hope it will make you feel well justified to put your feet up. It also presents a realistic picture. Hammond is honest about her own struggles with resting, and is realistic about how much rest you might fit into your day. Also, it’s not necessarily about adding new activities. It can equally help to focus on really enjoying what you already do. So if you watch TV and feel guilty about it – you can drop the guilt and get much more benefit from that down time.

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