The Reality Slap: How to Survive and Thrive When Life Hits Hard


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if you are feeling that life is piling on more than you can handle, or is not working out the way you hoped or imagined.

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Russ Harris makes the elements of a very useful therapy approach called Acceptance Commitment Therapy easy to understand and apply yourself. This book is a useful follow on or alternative to his earlier book The Happiness Trap, especially for times of setback, disappointment, loss or shock.


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Sometimes, it can feel like life holds endless setbacks and challenges; like reality is continually slapping you in the face and causing pain that you aren’t equipped to handle. This ‘reality slap’ can take many forms, from the death of a loved one to the loss of a job, from loneliness to rejection. And whatever form it takes, it hurts! With constructive methods based on real world research, this guide gives you the tools to rebuild your life and thrive after serious setbacks.

Ten years after the success of its first edition, this fully updated and rewritten edition of The Reality Slap contains a new wealth of advanced expertise on coping effectively when life hurts. Dr Russ Harris shows you how to apply the scientifically proven methods of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in your daily life and reconnect with yourself and others. Written in a kind, supportive voice with lots of examples and exercises, this timely self-help book contains mindfulness wisdom, hands-on advice and case studies.

Every aspect of the book is designed to be accessible and simple to implement so that you can comprehensively tackle emotions arising from setbacks. If you are facing difficulty and don’t know where to turn, The Reality Slap is the essential guide to finding happiness and fulfilment. Learn how to heal from your pain and come out stronger than before with this powerful book that might just change your life.

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