When Things Fall Apart – Heart Advice For Difficult Times


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if you are in difficulties, experiencing a life crisis, grief, loss or disappointment and feel you may benefit from some guidance that speaks to the heart and soul rather than the head; especially for anyone interested in Zen Buddhism.


Pema Chödrön is an American Tibetan Buddhist. She found Buddhism after a tumultuous time in her life, when she felt an inner drive for self-reflection and focus. She has gained much insight and wisdom since that time and over the course of her life she has translated this into books and delivered talks across the world. ‘When Things Fall Apart’ is a collection of such essays with a particular focus on living with, and moving on from, the pain and grief of life’s difficult moments. It is almost an explanation of Buddhist teachings and how these can be applied in real life, interwoven with personal stories and Chodron’s clear and focused explanations. It encourages self-reflection and presents opportunities for considering our pain in a different way. We would recommend this book if you are recovering from a period of crisis and feel you may benefit from some spiritual guidance and reflection.

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Format Paperback
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