Not Working : Why We Have to Stop


Recomended for: anyone feeling overwhelmed and burned out by work; feeling anxious or guilty about not working either in the short or long term, or just taking an hour off.

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This is not your typical self-help book and it is a bit of an academic read. It delves into Freudian psychoanalysis and references the lives and works of numerous great artists (Warhol, Dickinson etc). However, it is also infiltrated with client-stories from Cohen’s working life as a psychoanalyst and personal stories from his experiences of ‘not working’.

He explores the concept of ‘not working’ in two books – Gravity and Anti-Gravity and through these he explores the different (negative) ways that society perceives ‘not working’ – as the burnout, the slob, the daydreamer, the slacker. He digs into these concepts and discusses why these things are actually good for us and how they give us room to be creative, to take control over our own time, to resist the constant demand to be active.

This book is a way to give yourself permission to rest and just be and disregard the negative labels that usually come with just doing nothing.

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