Kate MacDougall

Centre co-ordinator and bibliotherapist

  • info@thenextchapter.org

I look after the bookshop, run the Reading for Wellbeing service, and answer your enquiries about The Next Chapter.

I have a background in support for learning – especially for neurodivergent people and disabled people – and also in bookshops and events.

Bibliotherapy (reading and writing for wellbeing) has a long tradition. King Ramses II of Egypt was calling his library “healing for the soul” over 3000 years ago, and librarians and doctors have been ‘prescribing’ books here since at least the early 1900s. It’s amazing what reading the right book at the right time can do, and I love making suggestions that might lead you to find that book. If you would like to try getting personalised reading suggestions, you can request a list by email or book a 1:1 consultation.

You’re also welcome to browse our shop shelves for yourself, and you can get topical and themed suggestions from our articles and lists on Bookshop (the platform for independent bookshops).

The shop and Reading for Wellbeing service is open to everyone – you don’t need to be coming to us for counselling or bodywork therapy as well. It’s separate from our other services. Equally, you can use bibliotherapy while you wait on our waiting list, or to support what you’re working on in therapy sessions. 

I am also interested in your book recommendations and feedback about our bookshop – we want it to offer a really interesting, supportive mix of books for exploring life’s challenges and addressing difficulties. You’re always welcome to come into the shop in William Street for a book chat, or send me an email on the info@thenextchapter.org address.