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Agne Bieliunaite


  • I work online only with The Next Chapter

I am a fully qualified and BPS-registered Chartered Counselling Psychologist with over eight years of therapeutic work experience in several NHS, private and charity settings. I have worked with a wide range of presenting difficulties (such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, panic attacks, disordered eating, obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviours, personality disorders), offering both short and long-term therapy.

I believe that a range of experiences for which people tend to look for support are often symptoms of something that has not been understood, resolved or processed sufficiently. Our self-destructive feelings and behaviours can be parts of ourselves that have been dismissed, disconnected from, or forgotten, and that are now trying to be heard and recognised.

How can I help?

As your therapist I will offer you a safe, respectful, confidential, empathic space to help you listen and reconnect to these parts of yourself that have got lost or hurt along the way. My therapeutic work is guided using collaborative formulation, which draws on your experiences (past and present) and my knowledge of psychological theories, to make sense of what caused your difficulties to develop. As an integrative practitioner, I will draw on a range of theoretical modalities, as well as up-to-date evidence-based research, to help us explore your difficulties, experiences, emotions, and relationships in an open, flexible, fluid and holistic way.