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sessions and costs

sessions and costs

tailored around you

Here at the Next Chapter, we offer tailored therapy to suit your needs and circumstances.
Your therapist will discuss with you how long you might wish to come to counselling. Some people choose to come for short-term counselling of 6 to 12 sessions, while others come for longer periods of 6 months to a year or more. It may depend on the nature or complexity of what you wish to explore, and we will work with you to understand what you need.

We are primarily a face to face counselling service, but during Covid lockdown we offered all our appointments online and this remains an option if, for example, you need to self-isolate. Some of our practitioners are continuing to work mainly online at this time. More information is available on request.

Counselling sessions are usually 50 minutes in length, and we recommend weekly counselling for most clients. However, different arrangements are occasionally possible. Please contact us to enquire, or you can discuss this with your therapist.

Most of our counselling appointments are between 9 am and 5 pm Monday-Friday. Appointments are occasionally available in the evenings and at weekends, but these are in high demand. Please contact us for current availability. We hold a waiting list for our reduced fee appointments, and sometimes there is a short wait for standard appointments. More information is available on request.

Our therapists uphold the highest levels of confidentiality. There are some circumstances where this might vary for ethical or legal reasons, and your therapist can discuss this with you and answer any questions you have.

We work 1:1 with individuals aged 16 or over, and do not currently offer couples or family therapy.

50 minutes: £45-50 depending on which therapist you work with.

A number of reduced fee counselling places are available thanks to funding from our charity partner. These cost on a sliding scale between £10-45 per session depending on your circumstances and are available to people living in and around Edinburgh only. See below for more information.

50 minutes: £55

(not currently available due to COVID-19 control measures)

Reflexology: £40       Aromareflex: £45

Massage therapy
(not currently available due to COVID-19 control measures)

Sliding scale based on your yearly income

Under 15k:  £30 for 1 hour; £22 for 30 mins
£15k+:   £35 for 1 hour; £24 for 30 mins
£20k+:  £40 for 1 hour; £25 for 30 mins
£30k+:  £45 for 1 hour; £27 for 30 mins

Therapeutic writing group
(not currently available due to COVID-19 control measures)

£7 per person per session

Reading for wellbeing 1:1 consultation

£10 per session for an income below £10,000 per year
£15 per session for an income between £10,000-£15,000
£20 per session for an income between £15,000-£20,000
£25 per session for an income of £20,000+

reduced fee counselling

Reduced fee counselling is supported by our charity partner, the Moston Care Foundation, which offers funding that allows our counsellors to offer a limited number of lower cost sessions at the Next Chapter. These sessions are usually available to people living on means-tested benefits or an income below the Living Wage (£9.50 an hour, which is about £18,500 per year on full-time hours), but we do take account of individual circumstances.

We will discuss your needs and circumstances with you and ask you to make a contribution starting from £10 up to your counsellor’s normal session fee, depending on what you can afford. Reduced fee places are initially offered for 12 weeks per client, with the possibility of additional sessions in some circumstances, following discussion with your counsellor.

Reduced fee counselling is usually a face-to-face service, though we are able to offer online counselling in response to the current Covid situation, and to increase accessibility. These spaces are available to people aged 16 and over living in Edinburgh and the surrounding area only. All spaces are subject to availability and there is a waiting list.

Please contact us if the cost of counselling is an issue for you, or to discuss any aspect of our reduced fee places.

our charity partner

The Moston Care Foundation is an Edinburgh-based charity, set up in 2013 to fund projects and organisations which work to help people with emotional, mental or physical health challenges, who might struggle to access appropriate help or support for financial reasons.

In recent years, the charity has donated to a variety of health and disability charities, groups and projects, including funds to provide ‘therapy pets’ for care homes, schools and universities, support for an art therapy project for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and a grant for voluntary counselling services in Edinburgh.

Now, the Moston Care Foundation has put funding in place to make low cost counselling available through The Next Chapter, to help those who might otherwise find it difficult to afford counselling.

Moston Care Foundation, a company registered in Scotland and limited by guarantee, company number 452587.

Scottish charity number SC044389

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