Ursula McKee


  • I work at The Next Chapter on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings
  • ursulamckee.counselling@gmail.com

To enquire about counselling with Ursula, please email ursulamckee.counselling@gmail.com 

Doesn’t life sometimes feel overwhelming? On the surface it can appear that we have the essentials that we ‘need’, yet we still feel anxious, depressed or alone and we are not entirely sure why.

I am a fully qualified counsellor offering a safe space where you will not be judged in which we can explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and life patterns.

My training at the University of Edinburgh was in the psychodynamic and person-centred approaches. In a nutshell this means that I use both in my practice, believing that you are your own expert, while at the same time acknowledging the impact past experiences can have on our day to day relationships.

My aim is not to try to solve problems: I see the counselling process as providing the conditions in which growth can occur so that you, my client, can feel better equipped to deal with past, present and future experiences.  Our relationship based on empathy, warmth and respect is key in our journey towards increased self-awareness.

The counselling relationship for some people is a brief one and for others it can continue for a longer period of time.  In addition to working with people ‘in person’, I am certified in online and telephone counselling so we can agree together what feels right for you – be that long or short term, online, phone or together in the room.

I abide by COSCA’s code of ethics.  I enjoy continuing my professional development by attending workshops and seminars and by reading a wide variety of literature.

Fees for counselling sessions with Ursula McKee

Our first session will cost £30 for 50 minutes.  Thereafter, if we decide to work together, each session will cost £50.