Catie Egan


  • I work out of premises on Hill St in the city centre Monday – Thursday.

To enquire about counselling with Catie, please email 


I am a qualified counsellor and registered member of the BACP. My diploma in Relational Integrative Counselling was completed at a BACP accredited institution in 2016 and combined ideas from psychodynamic, psychosynthesis and person centred theories. I draw on all these approaches to inform my understanding of therapeutic change in order to support my clients as individuals. I have lived in several different countries, and previously worked in education and mental health. I have had the great pleasure to practice in a variety of different counselling settings as well as in my own private practice. I bring all of my experiences and training to inform my work, I also continue to learn and grow my professional practice both through the experience of learning from my clients and also through continued personal and professional development.

Some issues that clients have come to me with include: feeling distressed or dissatisfied with life, experiencing relationship difficulties, feeling at a crossroads, wanting to explore identity issues, depression, anxiety, work or academic related issues, stress, eating disorders, self-harm, bereavement, loss, low self-esteem or feelings around self-worth.

Counselling can help by offering real empathy and a chance for something new. It can help to strengthen core aspects of yourself and examine those things you would rather change. It is through both better understanding of yourself and the supportive therapeutic relationship that real change is made possible. Counselling can offer you a space to be heard and listened to, to find new ways of approaching your life and to feel like you can be more fully yourself in the outside world.

I see the quality of our relationship as central to the success of our work together so it’s important for me that you feel that I am someone you can work well with. I approach each counselling relationship with warmth, openness and humour. I hope that when we meet you will feel welcomed and enabled to tell your story. I will listen empathically to what you have to say, and help to guide you through the counselling process. As we progress, together we will explore whatever you bring to counselling. Mostly we will do this by talking about it, and sometimes through creative means like drawing. It is your choice what we talk about and how we explore issues together. I won’t tell you what to do or how to be, I believe each person has the capacity to find their own best way forward. I will support you through this process and offer reflections, suggestions, challenges and insights that I feel might be helpful.

I am currently accepting individual adult clients for face-to-face weekly counselling. I welcome clients from all cultural backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, ages and personal experiences. Please get in touch or have a look at my website to find out more.

Fees for counselling sessions with Catie Egan:

£65 per 50 minute session